Product Maintenance Advice for Quartz Glass

January 4, 2022
Latest company news about Product Maintenance Advice for Quartz Glass

1. Quartz glass is fragile, and should be handled with care during handling and placement.

2. Please store in the original packing box, at least should retain the original packaging materials. Do not remove the inner package until the tubing is used, because the moisture and dust can damage the purity and property of the quartz tube. Warehouse should be clean and dry.

3. Quartz glass has extremely low thermal expansion. A rapid change in temperature when contacted, fixed or clamped with a material having a different coefficient of thermal expansion may cause the rupture to quartz glass.

4. The quartz glass is easy to devitrify at high temperature if it is contaminated. For non-free cleaning quartz glass products that work in high temperature, they should be cleaned before use.

5. For cleaning, Quartz glass should be firstly put into deionized water or distilled water with degreaser to scrub. After scrubbing, rinse the product quickly with deionized water. Then immerse the product in hydrofluoric acid with a concentration of 5-10% for soaking for 5 minutes or 5% ammonium fluoride for 10 minutes, then rinse with deionized water and quickly dry the product.

6. It is easy to cause quartz glass to burst if it is used intermittently at high temperature. The quartz glass can be used for a long time without damage If the furnace temperature is kept above 500 ℃.

7. Quartz glass is super-cooled liquid. It only has softening temperature range. The higher the temperature, the smaller the viscosity,it is easier to deform. If the quartz tube is used at a temperature of 1100 ℃or more for a long time, the furnace temperature can be increased to 1200 ℃ before starting to use. Rotate the tube for 90°every two hours and repeat this for 20-30 hours. Then put it into work, this way can reduce the deformation.

8. Hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid at 200 ℃ will obviously corrode quartz glass.